Worst. Few. Days. EVER!

June 18, 2010 by

I had finals today. AGGHHHH!!!!! It all started with wood shop *back flash shimmery thingy* I didn’t have anything to do so I sat around until the teacher put a HUGE vacuum sucker thingy into my hand and was all “YOU!!! MOVE!!” and I was “O.O” So he took the band saw apart and told me to “VACUUM!!” So I did. Until this piece of plastic was all “I’m not gonna go away. Nananana!!” I wasn’t taking any of that, so I was like “*twitch* INTO THE VACUUM YOU SON OF A PENGUIN!!” and right after he went in I was “O.O What if the plastic made the vac EXPLOAD!!! Then the whole school would blow up and everyone would die except me because I have magical dragon powers. I would be like ‘FML I just killed a lot of my friends’” Then when I was done panicking about exploding vacuums I got my iPod out and sat down. My friend came. She sat down next to me. She took my music device and turned it up all the freaking-way!!! I was like “HOLY SOCK-MONKEIES!!!!” I actually said that. No joke. It was kinda embarrassing since the guy I like is in that class with me. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. So after the most boring hour long lunch of my life I went to English. Once the bell rang like “I will sell your soul to your teacher for a jelly bean” Teach said “Dere ah shevunty qvestions un dis muultipl choice fiv teen pag booklet. Do dem all und vite eight paragvaffs. Unt do it vit propor gramma!!!” And all of us were “O.O…………………”  So after we finished the test and went home I was talking to LCD on Skype when I looked at the time. OMG I had to go to swimming! I volunteer to help da leetle tiny tiney swimmers, erm, swim. So I did that for an hour then I had MY swim practice. About halfway through, my left calf musckle was all “FML I am going to commit suicide now. You can get by fine with your other leg” then it got counseling and didn’t commit suicide which made me very happy as I did not have to go to the coach and tell him the reason I was screaming in agony in the middle of the pool was that one of my muscles died. That would be embarrassing. DON’T LAUGH AT ME!!! So the rest of the practice was fine. Then I got out and grabbed my clothes to go get changed. SOME BODY HAD LEFT THEIR WET SHIRT DRIPPING ON MY PANTS. I HAD TO WALK HOME. IN WET PANTS. -.- I was displeased. I talked on the phone with my friend who kept stabbing herself with ice tongs. Heaven knows why. THEN I get a massive headache which was all “kajsdfhkjagkahgfkhadgsjksabvjhfgbhfgkdgjk” After I solved that problem I had to help my parentals move things like the trampoline and then we moved the swing set. I was walking up to it when this spider, like teleported in front of my face and was all “Hello. I am a spider.” And I was “Excuse me?! WHY ARE YOU IN MY FACE?!?!?!?” and then I ran away.  So I slept and was all “*snoring noise*” then I woke up and went to school. I went to math when the bell rang making “I will sell your soul for a cupcake :3” noises. So I got to math and then the ball made the same noise as before and I opened the test booklet thing. I felt something within my soul break. So ya. After that I went to lunch, got ditched by my challenged friends, then went to hang out with my Social Studies teacher from last semester. He is a-friggin-mazing :P. so then the bell rang again and I went to art. We watched a movie, and when it was over my teacher was “*twitch* YOU ARE FREE!!!” so I left with my friend and hung out by my social studies teacher’s room (she had him in grade 8 ) and made faces at the grade 8s that were writing tests in there :3. When the bell rang the teach gave us candy and we were like “O.O OMG we love you” and then we left. I was complaining about all the poopy stuff that’s connected with finals (studying and… nope, just studying) when I made a grilled-cheese sandwich and the world got better 😀

Cyber clean

May 7, 2010 by

I wanted to inform anybody reading this that Cyber Clean (goop that goes on youe keyboard to get out anything in between the keys) makes a farting noise when you put it back in the container. My work here is done!


May 5, 2010 by

GAH!!!!!!! I haven’t added an episode for SOO long >.< I’m sorrry!!!!
Jimmy: Sorry for what? I don’t think any body is following this blog -.-
Hush up. Anyway, right now I’m writting another episode as a follow up to “Biwdies and the creation of Stephanie” it SHOULD be up shortly… I hope *preys*

Incredibly random yet epic creature I came up with

April 6, 2010 by

Okay, I was bored. I freely admit that. Never give me paper and a write utensil when I am bored. You end up with things like this:

Cosmodon: Made everything (including the gods) Only 3 of them, one set of twins, and their little sister. They have every sigle power imaginable. They flew off into the universe to explore. They are GIANT Dragons whose wings have images of the night sky (planets, stars, etc) They have 3 horns on their nose, and a large boney mass jutting down benieth their chin. The smallest is the size of a 30 story building. Scales are golden. Names I thought would be good: Twins: Selina and Brenna. Little sis: Milly

Yup… That is epic. ^_^
Jimmy: I want to know where the heck she gets these ideas from!
My brainz?
Jimmy: *headdesk*

The weekend

March 23, 2010 by

LCD and I git together on the weekend ^_^ Jimmy, Praesul, and the others were driven mad >:). Then LCD fell and hit her head while running inside a giant barrel… don’t ask. We watched UP (<3) and didn’t get any sleep. It was fuuuun 😀


New pic

March 16, 2010 by

Yello?! Is any one out there?!

*cricket chirp*

*shrugs* Anyway. in case you didn’t notice, there’s a new pic in the widget. This is a pic of Stephanie. Who is Stephanie? Read the episodes!! The one where Steph comes in is episode 20. It might not be up yet, but it will be soon

Jimmy: We hope. Then she can write another ep that puts us out of our misery T.T

*frowns* I’m not THAT bad as a baby

Jimmy: Suuuuuuuuuurree


Episodes 13 to 19 added

February 19, 2010 by

Hey people! ^_^ I finally added some of Jessie’s episodes to the episode page, they’ve been sitting there for awhile….. sorry! But they are there now, so you may enjoy them. ^_^

Praesul: Yeah, or get freaked out.

Janine: Or be left speechless at the complete insanity of the writers.

Okay you two, no need to freak them out, shut your beaks!

– LCD, Praesul, and Janine

Kris as a glitter covered laughing stock

February 10, 2010 by

Some of you might not have  had the chance to see Kris as a unicorn covered in glitter, I believe this was the picture that used to show how he looked before he insisted we change it to something a little more….. dignified.

I hope this vision has amused you. 😉

Praesul: You should have HEARD him complain about it.

Janine: It was only because he wouldn’t be quiet about it until we changed the picture that we agreed to.

– LCD, Praesul, and Janine

Praesul’s complaints about his journal

February 10, 2010 by

Okay Praesul, you have free reign for this post.

Praesul: Thank you. I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND IT! My journal will not show the latest messages! I tried to put this in:

February 9th, Tuesday, 2010

Avatar was… okay. I still think it’s a little weird. Ten feet tall blue people? Excuse me, when a chibi, humans are gigantic enough. I’D FIT INTO THE PALM OF ONE OF THOSE NA’VI! Now that that’s out of the way… hopefully, this actually shows up, if it does, I’ll have a bowl of rice in celebration, and hope I don’t burn my tongue. It just finished cooking. And I like rice, but I don’t usually have it…. and I still refuse to believe that sushi is made with rice.

Praesul: Guess what happened? It wouldn’t show up! I am more than a little upset. LCD I INSIST you contact support and find out what’s going on!

I already told you a thousand times, I’m going to!

Praesul: Good. Anyway, my journal was good, it helped me get whatever madness I’d accumulated throughout the day out of my system, but now…. I have to do it on PAPER! P-A-P-E-R! The horror of it! It’s easier to type computer keys than write when you have talons and the feet of eagles and the hind legs of lions. Of course, Janine doesn’t understand, she likes dipping one of her talons into ink and writing stuff out on paper. Anyway, I won’t hold any more of your time. I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate it. For those of you who found it amusing….. don’t laugh or smile about it, it isn’t funny. For those of you who are sympathetic, thanks.

You’re done now? Oh thank goodness! I thought you’d never stop! You sounded like a balloon that was slowly loosing it’s hot air.

Praesul: -.-

– LCD and Praesul

New widget!

February 9, 2010 by

Okay, if anyone’s reading this, you might have noticed the new widget in the bottom of the sidebar… I have uploaded pictures to it ^_^.
Kris:… I look like a pile of sparkels
That’s because there are no good pictures of gold unicorns on the internet!!
Jimmy: I like my picture!!
Altus: Calm down, or I’ll set John on you!
Kris: *hides*
So ya… Oh, and LCD and I shall be recording our episodes and putting them there, if anyone is interested!! ^_^